LED display & LED lights from Technik India.

Technik India, in Pune is a strong team of technocrats with commendable experience in the field of LED based applications. We supply LED display & LED lights and are passionately committed to environmental protection & promoting environment friendly technology for the betterment of the society.

Our endeavours are forever directed towards offering our clients right & valuable solutions. Providing custom built solutions is our speciality. We specialize in providing solutions to our patrons that suffice their requirements and at times exceed their expectations. Our products epitomize quality, technology & innovation.

Our products include LED display & LED Lights.


  • Production Displays  /  Production Indicators / Shop Floor Displays

  • ANDON Displays

  • Parameter Displays / Weather Parameter Displays

  • Sports Score Boards

  • Advertising Displays

  • Graphic Displays / Advertising Displays

  • Scrolling Displays / VMS / Rolling Displays

  • Digital Clocks / GPS Clocks / World Clocks

  • Token Indicators / Queue Management Systems

  • Rate Displays / Interest Rate / Gold Rate / Currency Exchange Displays

  • Bus Destination Displays


               TECHNIK INDIA is the Authorised Distributor for Dewlite LED Lights. All LED products are developed keeping in mind that each product is seen as a replacement for Conventional Lighting Products with improved Light Output, Saving Power Consumption & getting the benefit of Improved Light Quality. 

These LED lights are proudly Made In INDIA, with latest technology and matching international quality parameters. 

  • LED Tube Lights

  • LED Bulbs

  • LED Down Lights / Panel fittings

  • LED Surface Light fittings

  • LED Panel Lights

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