LED Display Board

We specialize in LED display board supply where we customize displays to fit the customer requirements with variety of interfaces such as PC / PLC / Mobile / Sensors etc. With various communication interfaces such as LAN / Serial Communication / WIFI / Bluetooth our displays are connected with the existing customer’s setup. Based on visibility distances we can design LED displays in various sizes to facilitate readability. 


  • ANDON Displays

  • Production Indicators

  • Safety Display

  • Parameter Displays / Jumbo Displays

      Shop Floor Display                ANDON

Production Displays give the company management facility to keep track of live production data and keep the workers motivated to achieve their targets. So, they are helpful to increasing the production efficiency and quality.

This LED display board is a  superior management control tools and can be used with other management techniques such as Six Sigma, Kaizen etc. Safety displays help in safety awareness by showing precaution messages and safety parameters. Parameter displays communicate with the sensors to show live data of various parameters such as Pressure, Temperature, Weight, Humidity etc.



  • Weather Parameter Displays

  • Advertising Displays

  • Sports Score Board

  • Video WallsGraphic Displays

Video Wall

Graphic displays give full flexibility to use the LED display for variety of applications. They facilitate the user not just to show text messages but also Images, Animations, Videos. So this LED display board is very popular in the Advertising industry and find way for various other applications such as Sports score boards, Weather Parameter Displays & Video Wall applications.




  • Bus / Railway / Airport Displays

  • Advertising Displays

  • Variable Message SignsRolling Displays

Scrolling Display

Scrolling displays are an effective way of mass communication they are equipped with text messages in all Languages with various presentation styles. They can be managed from PC , Mobile etc. to show text messages. They are used widely for showing messages on Highways, Railway Stations, Air ports etc.Bus Destination Displays, Railway displays, Highway Signs are the new innovative applications for these displays. They are also very popularly used for Advertising of small & medium businesses.



  • GPS Clocks

  • Synchronized Clocks

  • World Clocks

  • LED Alarm ClocksLED Clock

LED Clocks are available in various sizes & widely used in industries, corporate offices, government offices, public places, hospitals etc to show accurate timings.Global Positioning System (GPS) Clocks are maintenance free clocks which show accurate timings.LED World Clocks show timings of various cities in the world on a single display. LED Alarm Clocks are widely used in applications to sound alarms, break alarms etc. in schools, industries etc.



  • Welcome screens

  • AdvertisingLCD displays

With Video capabilities and aesthetic indoor capabilities these LCD screens are used to show variety of data. Our system enables the user to collect data, process it & communicate to the LCD to show the desired data in graphical formats.

These displays have applications at Receptions to facilitate Advertising, Welcome Screens etc.




  • Interest rate Displays

  • Gold rate displays

  • Currency Exchange displaysRate Displays

These easily alterable Rate Displays show updated rates of goods and commodities. They a used in Banks, Jewellers, Exchange etc.





  • Banks Token Indicators

  • Queue management systems


Token Indicators are an excellent way for queue management. They are commonly used in Banks, Canteens, Service Stations, Customer Help Desks. Etc.